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The film project

ong experiences in psycho-oncology showed the importance of detailed information about the disease for oncology patients.
Educational films proved to be a perfect medium to relay information. Therefore, the foundation decided to produce a scientific film project together with an experienced media company specialised on this kind of educational films.
For people suffering from PTSD and their relatives: „Through memory – the way out of trauma“.
This film will encourage those who suffer from PTSD to identify their suffering as a disease and to look for professional help.  This disease can be healed or at least the symptoms improved.
Affected persons speak about their symptoms, their way of suffering, their experiences with trauma therapy and their way out. Interviews with trauma experts explain the disease, the modern methods of trauma therapy and the curing prospects.

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Nevertheless, there is much more left to do and questions open for research. Successful methods must be further developed and the qualification of trauma therapists must continue.
We are a small private foundation and managed on a voluntary basis. We rely on donations.